LifeTime Homes

Beauty, comfort, and savings for generations.

The ideal home welcomes all your changes.

Skip Sheffield is a leader among builders in Universal Design: the philosophy that houses should be both aesthetically rich and effortlessly usable by everyone—no matter age, ability, or family group. As years pass, the owners of a new home change: in age, in habits, sometimes in health. The whole family can change: children grow, leave, and come back with babies; parents visit, and sometimes they come to stay.

The question that a LifeTime Home answers—with a resounding yes—is whether your dream home can be your home for the rest of your life. Skip is personally committed to this new way of building. In his hands, the physical adjustments are both invaluable and invisible, optimally functional and beautifully stylish.

From Spaces to Amenities. We encourage you to Contact Us for full information and blueprints of LifeTime Homes. The many features include generous and flexible open areas, 60” turning spaces, bedroom and bath placements, wide halls and doors, single stories with vertical openness, safe and elegant floors, easy flow from indoor to outdoor spaces and garage.

Other design elements put technical advances to work in service of lifestyle, convenience, ergonomics, and visual wow. You’ll find glowing soft-touch light switches, varied kitchen-countertop heights, built-ins, full-depth pull-out shelves, low-force door handles, smart appliances, luxury bathrooms of ample proportions and access, plus more desirable features.

A Plus for Pocketbook and Planet. Because universal design is high-tech and functional, it also results in less maintenance, more energy efficiency, and a lower environmental impact. These are not just important personal advantages, they are responsible and far-reaching choices.

A Sheffield home is always built with traditional architectural principles, exquisite care, and striking visual appeal. A Sheffield LifeTime Home is all that, for the rest of your life.

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